Infografic: Maak uw webwinkel betrouwbaar door middel van..

De online markt blijft zich ontwikkelen en vele bedrijven zijn online zichtbaar. Een website om te informeren of te consumeren. Vertrouwen uitstralen op uw website is van groot belang. Consumenten willen steeds vaker weten waar de producten diensten vandaan komen en hoe deze beoordeeld worden. Via verschillende middelen is het mogelijk uw website een soort certificaat voor betrouwbaarheid te geven. Eerlijkheid en betrouwbaarheid op uw eigen site verbeteren, zie onderstaande infografic met manieren hoe u uw website kunt verbeteren.

Infographic: Building Trust Through Your Online Store

Posted by  / May 19, 2014 / on Increase Conversion , The Basics

Building trust through your online store can be difficult. Without a tangible store, it can be difficult for customers to tell if you are genuine. Building trust is an age old problem of eCommerce (well as old as eCommerce anyway). So what can you do to build trust with potential customers?

According to a report by LivePerson, one proven way of building trust and increasing conversion is live chat. It’s not just a case of having the feature implemented on your site though, it’s also about providing honest and helpful advice. And not just for a couple of hours a day, or barely anyone will see the benefits. There are of course other methods for building trust through your online store too. We’ve put this infographic together to help those looking for ideas on how to gain trust from their site visitors and increase conversions because of it.


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“41% of consumers say that they are more likely to trust a brand if live chat is available” (Click to Tweet)

“53% of abandoners cite unacceptably high delivery charges as the main reason for basket abandonment” (Click to Tweet)

“26% of online shoppers place items in their basket just to check delivery costs” (Click to Tweet)

“63% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a site which displays customer reviews” (Click to Tweet)

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